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According to The National Association of Realtors 2017 Profile:

  • 77% of buyer's agents say that staging makes it easier for buyer's to 'visualize' the property as their future homes

  • 49% say that staging a home increases the dollar value offered

  • 62% of seller's agents say that staging a home decreases the amount of time on the market

  • the most commonly staged rooms are the living room (83%), kitchen (76%) and the master bedroom (69%)

  • For every $100 spent on staging a home, as seller can potentially recoup $400

According to The Real Estate Staging Association:

  • 90% of homes staged before being listed spend less time on the market

  • Reduce a seller's carrying costs (mortgage, plus expenses) for a home they no longer want to own.  A recent study of the average amount of days on the market for 1081 homes:

    • Unstaged - average of 225 days on the market:  If monthly carrying costs are $3400, properties, on average, cost $25,200

    • Staged after being listed - average of 41 days on the market:  If the same properties in the first example were staged, on average, cost $4,600

    • Staged prior to being listed - average 23 days on the market:  If properties were staged prior to listing, on average cost $3,400

  • Staged homes look better than the competition

  • Spend 73% less time on the market

  • Typically sell for more money

  • Look better in print and on internet ads

  • Receive more foot traffic

  • End up on a buyer's "must see" list

  • Are viewed by buyers as "well maintained"

  • Are "move-in” ready

  • Have less reasons for buyers to ask for concessions

  • Professionally staged listings "STAND-OUT" in prospective buyers' minds

According to The Home Staging Resource:

  • A recent study of more than 4,200 homes stated that 85% of staged homes yielded  6 - 25% above list price, than those not staged



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