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"As agents, we are always doing our best to guide our clients as to the best way to feature their homes, both inside and out.  Clients are frequently reticent to spend too much money especially if they may already be at “their bottom line.”  Most times it may be a slight alteration of their own belongings that can make a huge difference in how a buyer sees their home at first glance…the most important glance of the showing. 

My new clients, have a very small ranch and an extension room that baffled them as to how to furnish or make special enough so that the buyers would see it as a huge plus rather than a problem room.  I find that buyers are unaware that most stagers are happy to offer a one time consultation visit for a very reasonable fee that offers such fabulous suggestions that neither they or I have thought of and it makes all the difference.

I was lucky enough to convince my clients to allow Kim Messina of Well Staged Interiors for that one time consultation.  I was amazed at the immediate suggestions that came to her mind because as a professional who sees life through that visual lens that most artistic people do, she was able to transform that odd space into something that may actually sell this little house!

My clients were delighted, as was I, because now this house looks fabulous for the price rather than a problem space the buyers may have had the same difficulty in furnishing.

Staging is an art and a huge bonus to every homeowner who wishes to make that first impression stick.  If your house isn’t selling or if you just want to make sure it shows in its best light right from the start, I strongly recommend, without reservation, Kim Messina who has worked wonders for my clients…and me!!"

~ Elyse, Associate Real Estate Broker, Prime Properties Long Island

"You did a fabulous job in helping us get our home ready to go on the market.  The furnishings you brought in warmed it up, gave it a fresh look and made it look amazing!"

~ Doreen and Tim, Levittown, NY

"A phenomenal stager. She is so much in demand that she's currently staging a 5.5 Million Dollar home in Lloyd Neck LI."  "I highly recommend Kim Messina of Well Staged Interiors. My clients have loved her, and I've referred her to other agents whom love her, and her work product. You simply can't go wrong."  "I've utilized Kim Messina's services, and referred her to many whom have loved her work.  Kim's terrific and very reasonable as well."

~ Jeff, Licensed Real Estate Agent, Douglas Elliman

"You did a great job! I absolutely love it! I'll finally get to enjoy my backyard before I move!"

~ Robin, Dix Hills, NY

"We love how you helped us get organized to get our home sold!  And we would love for you to stage our home in Florida when you come down!"

~ Pat & Steve, Riverhead, NY

"If wasn't for all of the updates, our house would not have gotten two offers before the first open house.  Kim, you did an amazing job!"

~ Parvinder, Muttontown, NY

"Kim did an amazing job staging my condo!  She gave it the refresh it so desperately needed in order to sell it!"

~ Alyson, Central Islip, NY

"With the right can do anything!  And with the right can sell a home!  Kim, you are talented, energetic and hardworking. Thank you so much for a beautiful job!!"

~ Jeanne and Laurie, Licensed Real Estate Sales Agents, Douglas Elliman, Huntington, NY

"Just wanted everyone to know what a great job Kim Messina did on staging my new listing in Huntington Station.  The house was a real mish-mash of people and stuff - Kim worked with my homeowner who was thrilled with the outcome. If you need something staged, Kim is your girl!!"

~ Barbara, Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker, Prime Properties, Huntington, NY

"I am so grateful to Kim.  She did an amazing job organizing my daughter's bedroom to reflect her growing needs.  The new arrangement has been easy to maintain and will meet our needs for the duration of this stage of my daughter's life."

~ Jenn, East Northport, NY


"I have a closet in my guest bedroom which is large enough to use as an office and as a closet.  Although, I just kept piling things into it, and as time went by it got a bit overcrowded and unkempt.  Frustrated and overwhelmed, my daughter, Kim Messina, was able to understand what my needs were for this space, and in just a few days she transformed it into a functional office and closet with no clutter!  Knowing that I can easily fall back into my old habits, Kim has taught me how to keep it neat and organized."

~ Diane, West Palm Beach, FL


"My 1940's beach house was in desperate need of a renovation.  Kim had the ability to architecturally redesign the layout of my home to make it more free flowing.  It was dark and dreary, cluttered and outdated, and she chose the perfect paint colors, lighting, cabinetry, flooring, furniture and accessories to create a warm and comfortable home. "

~ Peter, Northport, NY


"My children are now in their teens and they no longer utilize the playroom they once occupied on a daily basis.  Being that I have a home-based business, I needed to give the dining table back to my family so they can enjoy dinners without my clutter and so that I can have an office to call my own!  Kim had the ability to transform my playroom into a great office, creating a calming, bright and spacious environment. Loving her expertise, I needed desperate help with my laundry room and closets...I can actually walk into my walk-in closet, and now my clothes and accessories are much more easily accessible!  Organizing my accessories is one of the biggest assets!"

~ Nancy, Stony Brook, NY


"We really enjoyed our session with you.  We have been spending quality time downstairs.  Now that we're 'on-a-roll,' we are purging slowly and steadily throughout our home."

~ Cathy and Larry, Holbrook, NY



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